Christian Dior Designer Vivid Blue Novelty Printed Silk Ladies Head Scarf

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Fabulous Christian Dior silk Novelty print vivid blue perfume and yellow rose design with a monochrome dog tooth print boarder and black hand rolled and stitched hemline.

The scarf has a super chair rose mannequin central pattern and is signed in large letters Christian Dior. The scarf has a pure silk label, a beautiful authentic scarf perfect for your wardrobe.

Circa: 1980 - 1999
Colour: Blue
Material: Silk
Length: 89 cm
Width: 90 cm
Condition: 9.5/10 

We Guarantee Authenticity - Making sure all our products are the real deal is of paramount importance. Distinguishing a fake from an authentic designer item, is a mix of experience and science.

We can always authenticate every item as we have over 25 years experience in the Vintage and Luxury fashion market. When we first receive an item we always check the provenance for every detail meticulously and stringently vet everyone we buy from.

Then we start by thoroughly checking the accessory for craftsmanship plus the fabric to make sure it is of the quality we expected. Once we have established the basics we compare images from our vast archive to see if the patterns and compilation of markers labels and printed logos are correct. We compare codes with sales catalogues, characteristics such as labels & hardware authenticity stamps. These steps ensure every piece we sell is 100% consistent with the original fashion houses established standards of quality.

This process allows us to authenticate scarves & accessories from fashion designer labels and European labels such as Hermes or Cartier with complete peace of mind.